BOBARINA ( Ang War-Freak Girl Next Door ng Bayan ) Episode 2

After being involved in a scandalous argument with a big fat lady inside a jeepney, Bobarina’s mood has drastically changed. She became very touchy to all the things happening around her. She even murdered, without guild on her heart, an innocent cat for being so cute when it stared on her along the way to the park. But that didn’t stop there because when she saw an earthworm on the ground, she quickly went to the nearest convenient store to buy a pack of iodized salt only pour it all on the poor and innocent earthworm. She, just to forget what happened on the jeepney terminal, run on the park then slapped all the kids along the way. Of course, she was the fastest runner in her batch so no parent could track her for retaliation.

BOBARINA ( Ang War-Freak Girl Next Door ng Bayan )

However, when the sun was shining above and all the birds were singing in the sky, her eyes was caught by happy children reciting their ABC’s and counting the numbers from one to ten. Her eye twinkled and deviously smiled and said “CHANCE!!!” followed by some sort of demonic light.

She approached the nursery house and disguised as one of the school administrators and asked the teacher to buy something for the “kids” as she would take over her class. And so the good teacher left her students with a big smile, hugs and kisses on the air.

“Goodbye teacher Gisselela!” said the students in unison.

“All be back kids, but for now, please listen to Ma’am Bobarina!”

“Sige na alis na, baka matrapik ka at hindi pa makagawa yung mga estudyante natin. Okay?”

“Ah ma’am, yung pambili po?”

“What, you are asking me to pay for that?”

“Eh, san po ako kukuha ng pera?”

“Hala… tanga ka ba? Mahiya ka naman, baka makita ka ng estudyante mo!” then slightly laughed at her, “natural dyan sa sarili mong bulsa!”

“Hala, pero –“

“No but’s, no but’s! Get out of my face, pay for those things and ask for reimbursement!”

And so the good teacher left with no further question. Bobarina faced the class and greeted them with a very obnoxious face. “Hello KIDS!” she shouted, “out lesson for today is Calculus!”

“But teacher, teacher. What is calculus?” asked a little boy.

“Hala tanga ka?” she asked the boy, “Hindi ba yan tinuro ng magulang mo sa iyo? Naku, baka magmana ka sa kanila at lumaki kang tanga kaya makinig ka sa akin!”

The boy cried out loud and cursed her, “Bad ka!”

“Ah, bad pala ha, eh kung itapon kita at sampal – sampalin kita ngayon nang malaman mo kung ano ang bad sa good!”

The boy cried louder and wilder.

“Puneta, tumahimik ka! Walang tutulong sa iyo kung tanga, tanga ka!” she shouted on his face. “Sige umiyak ka lang, umiyak ka pa ng malakas! Para mapaos ka na at wala na akong marinig pa!”

There was a sudden silence, “Buti naman at tumahimik kayo, so okay pwede na ba ako magturo? Dahil hindi naman kayo matunong magcalculus, magbibilang na lang tayo from one to 20!”

The children got overjoyed and shouted with a very excited voice, “Yehey!”

“But in Espanol!”

“Hala, hindi po kami marunong nun” said a little girl followed by a smile chuckle.

“Insolente, tonta, puta, puta cara mierda! Vete a la mierda y muere!” she said in a funny Spanish accent. The girl looked blankly at her then suddenly showed a funny gesture.

“Teacher, I think I’m gonna puke!”

“Ano? Nakakadiri ka! Subukan mong sumuka kukurutin ko singit mo!” she said unkindly as the class laughed at the girl.

The little girl didn’t know what to do, so she just swallowed her own spew. “Ay hindi pala, tingnan mo oh wala na!”

“Weh, hindi nga? Patingin mo nga sa katabi mo!”

Then the girl showed her mouth the her seatmate. Bobarina suddenly punched her tummy making her throw all that she ate during breakfast. The good teacher arrived and saw what happened and approached Bobarina to protect her students.

“Anung ginagawa mo? Please, leave now before I call the police.”

“Okay!” she said calmly, “but before I leave I want to do something…”


“Ito, para sa iyo.” She said angrily as she slapped the good teacher. After that, she ran so fast that no one couldn’t track. She ran so fast, and oh so fast.