BOBARINA – Episode 3: Ang Pila

What will you do if you have all the money in the world? That’s the question of Bobarina to herself – because she herself, didn’t know the answer. What would you wish for if everything were served to you in silver platter? Would you ask for more if even a single piece of grape fruit would still be served to you – all you have to do was to move a few set of muscles to open your mouth, chew it and swallow it? Despite having all the riches, Bobarina still wanted more – so she decided to apply for a job to earn some more cash – something that we could call her own.

Bobarina went to her walk-in closet and looked for a very nice formal and professional looking outfit that will help her land a job. While searching, she spotted a corporate attire she used to wear in a play in college. She wore it then when to her computer to do some fixes to her one-page curriculum vitae. “This will bring me to my dream job.” She told herself though what she prepared could go straight to trash.

“Hello corporate world!” she shouted with enthusiasm and high hopes of really getting the job despite her poorly made resume.

So to make a complete job application experience, she decided not to take the limo. She took a cab, just like what a common applicant would do, and asked the driver to go straight to the company where she would apply to. 

Outside the building, she saw a very long queue of applicants waiting for their names to be called. She went outside the cab with jaw-drop face because of the very long line of applicants. “Ayoko ko pumili dyan” she told herself. So she went straight to the entrance only to be blocked by the security guard.

“Ma’am, may pila po!”

“Eh ano ngayun kung may pila?”

“Ma’am kailangan po nyo pumila para po fair sa ibang mga applicants!”

“If life is so fair, then why do roses have torns?” she asked the guard, “sige nga sagutin mo yun dahil kung hindi ihahampas ko sa iyo yung roses na nakikita ko nang maging pantay ang lubak lubak mong pisngi sa kanan at sa kaliwa!”

“Ma’am naman, ginagawa ko lang po yung trabaho ko, baka po pagalitan ako eh.”

“Gaga, kaya nga life is so unfair diba? Kaya you have to be tough like me! Now get out of my face and let me in!”

“Sorry po talaga ma’am, sige po hampasin nyo na lang ako ng roses para mapantay na yung lubak ng mukha ko. “ the guard pleaded, “Please make it quick na lang po!”

Since she didn’t want to spoil her experience, she just decided to let it pass and went to the start of the line. “Hey lady, I’ll give you five thousand if you will give me your place and if you will go at the end of the line.”

The lady, without any question, grabbed the money and went at the end of the line making Bobarina to be the next applicant to be interviewed.

“This is it!” she shouted with a very big smile. “Yeah!”