Scrap the New Facebook

Source: We wanna get back the old fb profile fan page

Facebook is starting to look like Friendster. Like Friendster, it is centered on the basic facts about you. Your friends will first look on your photos above your profile. Then you feel obliged to fill in your work info, your hometown, where you live and the school where you studied. These details about you are displayed in the topmost part of your profile. As a result, your Facebook status becomes less important and you tag yourself in the photos that you think you look good so that they are the ones that get the highlight of your profile.

The new Facebook profile started as an option. Some Facebook users accidentally click ‘Get New Profile’ thinking they can still return to their old profiles. Now, the new profile seems to be mandatory. But, even if you do not click the Facebook-life-changing button, your old profile will appear as a new profile to your friends who have new profiles.

There has been movement against the new profile around the net. You can read your friends’ wall post complaining their new profiles. You can also find fan pages and groups of I want my old fb profile back, the old fb profile layout, the new fb profile looks so bad, bring back the old Facebook profile, change, We don’t like the new Facebook profile and other hate groups of the new profile. Based on these groups, the total population of Facebook users making an appeal to Mark Zuckerberg is approximately twenty thousand.


Missing Wall Status

One of the reasons why people who were once active friendster users transferred to Facebook is because of the catchy question: “What’s on your mind?” Facebook’s feature to broadcast your thoughts in real time attracts a lot of people including those who are not internet savvy.  Apparently, the new Facebook profile no longer gives emphasis on your status. Though you can have a glimpse of latest news of your friends in your home page, but you can not easily learn what they want to say or what they are thinking on their profiles. Your friend’s status is no longer the focus of his profile because his current tagged photos and other unnecessary information are stealing your attention. Hence, thoughts and personality are better expressed in the old facebook profile.

The wall status has been functional in the old Facebook profile. When it is your birthday and you’ve been receiving a lot birthday greetings, you just want to post a Thank you note that will last for a week. With old facebook profile, your wall status is displayed on top of your page for a week. On the other hand, the new profile pushes your wall status at the bottom as you do other things in the facebook such as adding a friend and uploading new photos.

Unnecessary Details

It puzzles a lot of users why the work info, relationship status, school are placed on top of everything. It is not necessary assuming that you only add the people you know or you only add your real friends. A real friend would know where you studied, where you lived and where you came from. And besides if your friends do not know you well enough, they can always click the Info on the side. Another argument is that most users don’t like to include these details in their profiles for security reasons.  So why give these details or your semi-biodata a special spot on your profile?

Selling yourself

The new profile lets you brag. Some are encouraged to put their educational background and work info. They want to impress others by posting their prestigious university or their high paying job. Though you can sell yourself with that way, the old profile gives you more power to sell yourself. The link tab or the links on the side of your profile can be best of tools of selling yourself. You can also write about yourself in the basic information box on the side. The links you attach can be useful when you want to sell your products. If you are maintaining a blog, you can promote it effectively using the link tab. Unfortunately, they are no longer part of the new layout. 

Speak Up

Aside from these given limitation of the new profile, there are many complaints about the new profile such as its messy layout, not including your favorite applications on the tab or on the boxes and a whole lot more. If you want to voice out what you think your profile should look like, you can join the online campaigns against the new profile or report it to Facebook developers