Sweet Tagalog Quotes

Tagalog Love Quotes, hmmm. I just got one, I think somebody likes me!

I know you know the feeling ladies and gentlemen, the anticipation, that crazy yet subtle excitement when your cell phone beeps after sending some sweet Tagalog love quotes to that cutie next door. The pressure, the combination of warm and cool sensations engulfing your face, you take one last breath and face the inevitable resolution if a person likes you or not. Will you get a sweet Tagalog love quote in reply? Or the ever so frustrating “hu u?”

Yes I have been there and done that loads of times. I cannot even count the subtle rejections that I got, but I will never forget each and every nice and sweet Tagalog love quotes that I get in return. It is the moment that you want to contain yourself and act all cool, but your heart is shouting, thumping, trying to kick out of your rib cage, and you handle your enthusiasm the best way you know how. You keep quiet, and wear a smug smile for the rest of the day. But there is this lurking feeling, an inch of black blob, a speck of dirt in a brightly lit white room, then the question pops up, Am I assuming too soon?

Now here’s the dilemma, some people are just too polite if you send some sweet Tagalog love quotes, so they just send some in return. But how will we know if those three messages, all sweet Tagalog love quotes that you kept in your inbox really does mean something? I am not a connoisseur of sweet Tagalog love quotes, or any other quotes in particular, but here is an advice, spend time with the person, never depend on messages, especially pre-made once. It is simpler and clearer especially when you are in the critical stage of getting the nod from your crush. But if personally spending time together is not possible at the moment, yes you can trade some sweetie pie mushy quotes all you want, as long as you are not forgetting to converse like human beings, remember, people are not cute little puppies.

Here are some examples and feel free to send some, or all, but I would not recommend that.

Nang aking bilangin ang mga bituin, ay naku, mas marami pa rin ang kinang at ligayang hatid ng text mo sa akin.

Hindi ba nangangalay ang iyong mga kamay?  Bakit kamo? Dahil sa katatambol mo sa puso ko.

Ang tanong ko, dapat ba akong magmahal?  Ang sagot mo, dapat ka bang mahalin?  Kaya dapat lamang, tayo ay magmahalan.

Ang ganda ng umaga because of you. Ang ganda ng dream ko, it was all about you. Ang sakit ng ulo ko, puro you na lang ng you. Sabi ni doc, maybe because I miss you.

Press down if you miss me. Talaga? Sweet mo naman. You really miss me huh? Still pressing down. Impressed na ako, ha? Sobrang miss na yan. Well, I miss you too.

Minsan caring is better than loving. Minsan tea is better than coffee. Minsan smile is better than laughter. Pero nobody is better than you.

Some people choose friends who are thoughtful n caring. Some prefer those who r smart n good looking. When u choose me, pinakyaw mo na lahat.

D only people whom I greet “Good morning” r those who r smart, cute n malakas ang sex appeal. So, pano ba yan, e di Good afternoon na lang sayo!

Smile is the secret to stay young and cute. Naks, bakit ka nakangiti?

People are always looking for cute ones, the perfect ones, the gorgeous ones, the smart ones, the sweet ones. Lagi na lang ako! Ako! Ako!

How to spot a texter? 1. may muscle ang thumb 2. barok magsalita 3. may bangga ang auto 4. lagging nakayuko 5. nakasimangot dahil walang nagti text.

I’m thinking of u. I want to be with u. I am longing for u. I have a crush on u. I want to hug and kiss u. I love u. Ikaw, love mo rin ba ang letter u?

Kung akala mo importante ka sa akin, kung akala mo may tiwala ako sayo, kung akalamo namimiss kita at kung akala mo friend kita…Korek ka dyan!

If you save this message, it means cute ako. If you edit it, cute pa rin ako. If you delete it, naiinggit ka kasi cute ako. Pero kung ipoforward mo, pinagkakalat mong cute ako.

Smile is the secret to stay young and cute. Naks, bakit ka nakangiti?

I looked at d sky, d sky is beautiful. I looked at you…..I looked at d sky na lang ulit. Gud A.M.

Gusto ko na benta cell phone ko… lam mo ba? Gusto ko hagis, durugin at tadyakan ang cell phone ko… lam mo ba? Gusto ko na panakaw to… lam mo ba? Maloloka na ko sa pag-iintay ng text mo… lam mo ba?

Kahit ilang beses pa akong masaktan dahil sayo, di kita iiwan, di ako susuko.Dahil kung may 100 dahilan para iwan ka, hahanap pa rin ako ng isang dahilanpara ipaglaban ka.

Sabi naman sayo, eh. Wag kang maging sweet, wag kang maglambing. Tingnan motuloy ngayon. Kasalanan mo to, eh! Masasaktan na naman ako kasi mahal nakita, eh. Mahal na mahal.

Nagulat aq 1 araw.. nnjan xa sa tbi co.. halos araw2 xa kasama q.. sb q n.. m22pad dn pangarap q.. pro ng mrrmdaman q ng mhal nya q… sb nya, “uy tnx ha? npgselos din natin mahal q”

There, I tried to gather some sweet Tagalog love quotes that may interest you, or even brighten up your day. Some of them are marching around the internet, some came from my ‘lovey-doods’. I would not tell which ones exactly, you might think I am such a mushy person. Well, I won’t deny, these messages really did make me smile, so feel free to use some of them, and remember, be careful who you send it to, you would not want to send sweet Tagalog love quotes to the crazy pervert in the other room.  Isn’t it nice? Wholesome messages for the people who mean something to us, or in many cases, they mean everything. Simply grouped words, containing so much meaning, and so much care to the people we love. If the world can revolve around the sweetness that covers these quotes, I will be proud to be considered as mushy.

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