Timog : Nightlife in QC

Just when you think that the sun rises to the east, think again; because now, the sun rises to the south! Ironic isn’t it? It is not because the earth’s axis has shifted and all or the stars changed their positions which affected the gravitational pull in the universe, it is just that  I do know a place where you can experience life at its best from dusk to dawn, not in the East but in Timog.

Situated in the busy streets of Timog Avenue and Tomas Morato Avenue, Timog Area offers different kinds of entertainment and food selections making it as one of the busy midnight party place in the metro, be it for the young and the young at hearts.  Also called the home of the Boy Scout Memorial that stands in the center of the intersection of Timog Ave. and Tomas Morato Ave. which also gives Timog a name of Scout Area – this also serves as an infamous landmark used by party goers to go from one phase to another; and also for first time goers who simply want to join friends in enjoying the Timog life. In fact, I – myself, used that as a landmark whenever I am in talks with my friends asking for direction and vice versa; or when the taxi driver does not know the exact place where I want to go to. But never worry because the street are situated near one another and were prefixed with “Scout” (in honor of the 22 Boy Scouts who died in a plane crash on the way to joining the 11th World Scout Jamboree) so you won’t find yourself lost there!

If you are looking for fun or craving for something, Timog Area is the best place to go and spend the entire night until dawn for it has a vast number of businesses that can cater to your needs such as food, entertainment, health and wellness or accommodation.

Below are some places that you can go to when you are in Timog which will may your stay worth it. But of course, these are not the only place in Timog, are a lot actually to try to explore the place.


Those who would like to experience the Italian cuisine may come and visit Italliani‘s. The resto offers authentic Italian dishes suited to your eastern taste – be it from pasta recipes to pizza or salads. Or if you like to taste American cuisines and some nice doodles on your table, visit Burgoo where it is always a family treat. You can even do doodles while eating with family, friends or loved one. You will not only enjoy their food but also the kind of music they play. Aside from that, you can also visit the usual  Yellow Cab Pizza (near the Scouts monument in Timog) to enjoy different types of pizza and pasta served to you hot – straight from the oven. Then from western cuisine, you may also opt the eastern cuisines offered by Pho Hoa, serving you hot noodle soup suited for the health conscious. If you simply prefer a tender, lean cut of beef, then this is the right choice for you because everything is tenderly cooked to medium before it reaches your table pls the noodles is very tasty! Another oriental treat in Timog is the Shaolin Tea House which serves Chinese foods cooked the chinese way. They serve variety of seafood, dimsum, rice meals, noodles and congees all for affordable prices. In fact, your 500 bucks is already enough to feed you and your especial someone with noodles or lugaw (kidding, of course with a decent menu not just that!). Then, if you will walk a little further, you will reach The Red Crab which specializes seafoods and some lutong pinoy such as the must-try flavorful and crunchy Chicharon Bulaklak, Crispy Shrimps, Beef Tapas Romana  and the classic Gambas Al Ajillo which I have not yet tasted because I am too lazy to explorer the entire Timog area;  but hey, I have friends okay (well they say it a good place)?! So why not explore the place with me? Kidding aside, Timog is filled with a lot of restaurant that will surely satisfy our taste buds if we go there together. Speaking of Pinoy foods, I know a place in Timog that sounds very Filipino and tastes very Filipino, well it is The Bagoong Club – a bagoong themed restaurant only in timog area you can find. It may not look like a restaurant outside (you might even have it mistaken as a house) but the inside is so nice you might think you are in a chinese restaurant.  Now, if you are too choosy, one thing I can recommend which you will surely not refuse when your Timog area is already spinning because of intoxication due to too much beer or carafe – it is the Lugaw Republic! Well who would refuse their Goto Hell lugaw filled if chunks internal meats (isaw, tuwalya or puso) and a bunch of siling pula and hot sauce? No one – unless you want to go to hell drunk.

Of course, your Timog experience will not be complete without the booze party and move with the groove thingy. When we go there, we usually walk from one place to another just to look for some decent place to sit and talk about anything under the moon. But for those who doesn’t like walking and enjoying a night street walk talk with your friends, you might want to consider some of the places I will list down here.


Pady’s Restaurant is the place to be if you really like dancing and partying with other people. Here, they serve different colored cocktail drinks in tower containers and the usual beers you will see in the market. But what’s good with this is the entertainment/party where you can dance or just listen to their bands. However, in some cases, they do not allow jammers and sometimes, the bands become stand up comedians for some reason I don’t understand. Another bad thing is, the bill could be so high  sometimes. But if your sky is the limit, then spend the night with other dance floor fanatics. Another place where you can spend the entire night dancing and party with your friends is Barrakz, a bar inspired by military barracks. One great treat about this bar in Timog area are the items and corners resembling a real military camp. There you can see a model of a military truck where you can actually use as a private spot where you and your friends can use for rounds of beer and pinoy pulutan. Now, if you are the sporty kind of guy and simply wants to enjoy indoor games such as billiards, you can go to Perfect Spot to play the game. They have around ten billiard table that you can rent while enjoying their food and drinks. Going a little further on the side of Tomas Morato lies Pier One, a ship-inspired bar and grill that almost look like the Noah’s Ark. Old as it may appear, the interior is inspired by cruise ship design which will give you a feel of cruising but not in waters but in the land of Timog Area plus they offer discounts for card holders and members and offers some special promos during Wednesdays and Fridays. Additional place to go to in Timog is Ten02 Restaurant and Music Bar. The first time I’ve been here was for an album launch of a metal band and I would say that the place is really perfect for such events since they are specializing in reservations and events planning. However, you can still go there without reservation for lunch out or dinner. And lastly, a place where you might avoid due to high markup price for their food and beverages is Off the Grill. I don’t know how they were able to come up with that kinda high price but at least, you will still enjoy the ambiance and performers on stage. Aside from that, they also offer free viewing for their clients like the NBA games and if you are lucky, you might also find yourself watching a Manny Pacquiao fight on big screen; but if you like the same feel as Off the Grill, you may go to Tony’s Grill to experience mid-east interior design with some fusion of asian styles. The place is like the former only with a lower price tags for food and beverages.

But then of course, Timog Area is not just the food and party. You can actually go there for some time of relaxation and beauty retreat. If you will roam the Timog area, you will be shocked with the overwhelming number of beauty and wellness saloons timog has to offer you such as Bello Medical clinic, Lyf Beauty and Wellness Center, Tip and Toes, Urban Escape Spa, and many more! Another great stuff in Timog are the coffee and tea shops where you can sit and enjoy the night after the party like the usual Starbucks, Coffeebean & Tea Leaf, Kozui Green Tea and and Cafe Breton. Suit yourself and treat Timog as your home and you will see that there are still more than meets the eye.

Well, were did I get these things? Let’s just say, I love walking (but the truth is, I don’t want to spend money for a cab) and I explore things and I really find places and establishments in Timog close to each other plus, bringing your car in Timog is troublesome because there are no parking space enough for all and if you find one, it you need to pay some guys for a little effort of giving you signal where to park the thing. So to you, this an advise, start walking and explore new things in Timog area.