End of the World?

Lately, we have been very sympathetic to the Japanese people due to the earthquake and tsunami that took place in Japan these past days (owing that we have not yet recovered to what have happened in New Zealand that killed about 117 people including 2 Filipinos as of press time) that we flooded our facebook pages with words of sympathy and request for prayers to the victims and that it may never happen again; which were also the same thing we did years ago when California suffered from massive forest fires alongside Australia with flooding and plagues; when China was hit by massive earthquakes and aftershocks; and when Indonesia was struck by a gigantic tsunami due to the underwater quakes in Indian sea. Hey, it’s as if the history was repeating itself so as our action to the calamities and catastrophes happening in different portion of the world.

Funny thing was, we kept on praying but these things kept on happening again and again and all over again? Wasn’t it sad to know that our prayers weren’t answered?

Ten years ago, the scientist and different environmental organization reminded us about the changes happening in the earth’s physical setup and climate. More recently, they said that the north eastern portion of Japan moved 13 feet closer to the US which also shifted their natural coastlines. They never failed to inform us about the bad things it can do (which are all happening right now) not only to the place we were living at but also to our lives and security. Funny thing was, we let it all pass our ears and we all continued to grow, to look for more scientific and technological advancement regardless of the negative effects it can cause us.

But what did we do? We prayed and hoped nothing will happen.

Japan was recently became a hotspot for environmentalist and animal advocates because of the mass slaughter of dolphins in a certain province; and when I say slaughter, they are literally killing those poor creatures just like how leather face was killing his victims in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They slashed the dolphin’s head and watched them slowly die and one driver hooked the dolphin’s tail on the back of a pick-up truck, revved the vehicle and let the animal die while being dragged on the ground.

But what did we do? We prayed and sympathized with the dead dolphins.

We simply did nothing. We enjoyed life as much as we grieved for the deaths and heartaches every time a major catastrophe happened. Have you ever wondered why such things were happening despite our prayers? Because if not, you better stop praying and work your ass out to make a big change! You see, if there was a greater being that has been watching us from up above, he must be depressed and dead by now because we kept on asking him something we were not interested in putting into action. Do you think he can do it all alone? Or maybe, just maybe, these were his way of telling us, “Stop asking me things that you can prevent in the first place!”

They say, 12-21-12 must be a date to remember because it is the day where all shall cease and perish. But I don’t believe that, because the only thing I know that will happen is, we shall all cease and perish and the world will have an overhaul to give way for another set of creatures who will do everything to get something instead of praying and asking an intangible and invisible individual to do it for them.