Hard to Live with Human Beings

Of all the species in the world, human beings are the ones who can love and kill their own kind.  When you see others’ talking a lot of nasty stuff of his newly promoted officemate, you call it ‘crab mentality.’  In reality, it is practiced by most people. So the trait you attributed to crabs is actually a ‘human’ mentality.  The more you see the flaws of mankind, the more you believe in angels or extraterrestrial life. Maybe life is easier with aliens than with human beings. Here are a few reasons why living with your own kind is complicated.


Human beings always have biased impressions.

It is a given fact that we all have bad side and good side but we always have a choice which side of other people we want to exaggerate. This is how we make impression on people. A mother of a criminal will always say his son is kind and loving. In the same way, when you hate someone, you will forget the last time he let you borrow money and the last time he shared his food to you.  Because, he does not have a job, you say, he’s worthless. So human beings can always say something bad about you

Human beings will always think you are not perfect.

You will never be perfect (Yeah right, nobody is perfect.) If it’s between the Creator and you, you are perfect. Human beings like to believe that if they are not perfect, so are you. This is how human beings see balance in this world.  When you are watching television with your friend, you will hear her say, “Ang maganda lang sa kanya yung mukha niya.” And sometimes people use the term ‘constructive criticism’ so that they have license to say negative comments about people. Human beings like to feel that they are normal by looking at other people’s defects.

Human beings who are near you can harm you

Sad to say, the people who are close to you are those who can hurt you.  You might get hurt when your teacher says, “You need to improve your grammar.” But it hurts more to hear from your best friend that all he wants from you is friendship. Your heart bleeds because you don’t want platonic love. You have heard the line, “I have the face that only your mother can love.” But, what if your mother said, “You are ugly”? If it were from a stranger’s mouth, you would ignore it. But, because it was your mother, you would be in tears.

Human beings spread bad news like virus.

Bad news spread fast compared to good news. I remember in my 3-unit journalism class, we discussed on what we were going to write if it were a slow day for news. My professor said you couldn’t write no crimes happened today. You could not sell your newspaper. Within your own neighborhood, bad news circulates like air. Mr. X committed adultery with Ms. Y.  Ms. Z, only 14, got pregnant.  People like to hear others’ misfortune.


Human beings deceive.

The worst trait of human beings is their ability to deceive. People lie. If your friend can lie to his parents, then he can also lie to you. A person who can make a small lie can make a big lie. If he lied to you about his relationship status, then he probably lied to you about his age. A person, whom you thought had lied to you once, had lied to you for the tenth time.

Though you can not understand human nature, you live with them. You have no choice but to accept them. Just shield yourself from harm, deceit, and virus.