She-Likes-Me False Alarm

So she likes you? That’s what you think. Girls can be very deceiving and misleading. “Oh ang babae ‘pag minamahal may kursanada paayaw-ayaw.” These lines from a popular OPM song describes Filipino girls were like in the 50s. But yes, girls who fall in this category are still significant in number. They are too gentle and too demure to say that they like you. Anyway, many girls have evolved. They can turn your world upside down by showing wrong signals that they like you. They smile, text, add you in Skype, even ask you out for coffee but don’t be alarmed. Don’t boast and don’t celebrate because it might be a false alarm. Here are some girls’ gestures that are often mistaken signs of fondness. Please be guided by these gestures so that you will take caution in telling your friends that a girl likes you.


She smiled at you. It must have been heaven. But before you conclude, ask yourself first, why did she smile at me? Is she aShe likes me false alarm cheerful person? Did you do something for her? If she smiles at five people in a day, then her smile for you is just part of her daily routine. If she barely smiles, her smile to you might be an omen. But take note: Of all the possible signs you can think of, judging by a girl’s smile is the weakest.

Cellphone number

When a guy asks for a girl’s number, it might be a yes-he-likes-you notice. But, when a girl asks for a guy’s number, think twice. Know her age. If she is 21 years old or below, there is a chance she likes you. But if she is 21 years old above, she might need your cell number for several reasons such as job-related reasons and business-related reasons.  She will probably recruit you in a networking business. She will probably sell a product to you. She might be a journalist who needs an interview from you. Worst, she might use you as a bridge between she and your friend whom she has a big crush.

Let’s Date

Most guys take this as a clear sign but wait. It’s not what you see. When you ask a girl out and she says yes, there are many possible reasons why she says yes. Maybe she does not want to insult you or hurt your feelings. Maybe she is just courteous, shy, and polite. To evaluate her intentions, watch her appetite. If she’s PG (patay gutom) when she eats, she just wants to take advantage of you. If she is quick to tell you what she wants to order in the restaurant, she is either aggressive or she wants you to fill her empty stomach.

Sweet Words

Affectionate words or sweet words can be indicators of directly professing one’s feeling. If a girl comes from a conservative family or a small town and she says, “ I miss you,” you might expect it for real. If a girl is a balikbayan, then she says, “I miss you,” what she feels about you may be platonic. Aside from saying I miss you, beware of tactless and insincere compliments such as “You’re handsome,” and “I love you.” They sound good and make your heart beat fast but life scripts are culture based.

Keep in touch with Facebook

Wow, she notices you on Facebook! Through the internet, she is within your reach. You can make some research on what she likes and on what she does most of the time. Take note that if  it only takes a few muscles of your hands  to click the like button, then it is probably her way of escaping boredom by liking your wall status or your photos. But, there are some Facebook activities that may have special meaning. If she likes your profile pic, especially those that are studio type, then it must be something. Sending private messages can be but it all depends on the content of the message. Uploading a picture together online and make it a profile picture can be but it does not really reveal how special you are to that person.

Eye to Eye

There is one sure thing that boys and girls might agree as a powerful signal that a girl likes you. You just have to read her eyes. When you talk to her, look at her eyes. When eyes meet, hidden words are expressed. You will see how uncomfortable and how connected she is with you. Again, awkwardness in eye to eye contact can not give you a 100% conclusion that she likes you. Girls are self-conscious most of the time. There is no better way to know if a girl likes you than getting to know her for days, weeks, or months. Over a long period of time, you will be familiar with her gestures, mentality, and attitude. And if you find anything that deviates from her normal habits and mannerisms, consult your nearest love guru.