Unforgettable Campus Food

Aside from terror teachers, weird classmates, fun organizations, cool friends, campus food is one of the few things that you will never forget in your college life. Sometimes, you want to visit your alma matter, not because you want to pay tribute, but because you miss campus food. Here is a list of some favorite campus food.


When you were in grade school, your mother told you that it was not good for your health. Eew, eating intestines where animal wastes pass through? No, no, no! But, in college, your taste buds and your stomach become more adventurous. Eating isaw serves as your baptism of adult life. Isaw is found everywhere but isaw in campus is exceptional particularly in UP Diliman. Isaw food stands are tourist spots. Campus vendors serve isaw in plastic cups which are half full of sweet vinegar with tiny bits of onions. Enjoy it after immersing it for a few seconds on a cup of vinegar. Once you’re finished with one stick. You will want to have more. You will even drink the vinegar left on your cup.


This is probably the most nutritious street food. It is made of soy milk which is rich in protein and has less fats. Students can have it as breakfast. You can insist another spoon of syrup from the very friendly taho vendor. On the other hand, you follow the example of your college professors who regularly buy taho.

Green Mangoes

You see a student dip it on salt and bite. The pale green color makes your mouth water. You can almost hear the sound of each bite of green mango in your mouth. You rush to the vendor and your heart is pounding as you patiently watch him peel and chop the mango. And the smell of bagoong spread in your mango is hypnotizing. Salt and chili are also perfect match for mangoes, especially if you don’t want to be messy with bagoong. But fear not, there are always mint candies around the campus for your bad breath. Once, you have it, you feel so much accomplished.

Cheese corn

Sometimes, corn tastes boring but corn added with margarine and cheese flavor tastes new. When you haven’t tried it yet, you find it cheap because the plastic cups and the plastic spoons remind you the dirty scramble in the market.  Well, don’t judge the food by its appearance.

Ice cream

They call it ‘dirty’ ice cream but no, it’s not. There could have been a lot of food poison incidents if it were. It is even better than those ice cream brands on grocery stores. The good thing about ‘dirty’ ice cream is its moderate sweetness which means you do not feel the urgent thirst, unlike the super sweet and super rich ice cream. It is a comfort food. When you are disappointed with the results of your exam, eat ice cream. When you just don’t know how you are going to finish your school requirements, eat ice cream. It will relieve you from stress and anxiety.


This Chinese food has become a Filipino food. You just love to press calamansi and shower it with soy sauce. When you are in tight budget, you can have it as you main dish for your lunch. When you are in a hurry for you next class, chill and add chili to your siomai. Hmmm….delicious!

Pancit Canton

Skip your lunch meal? It is advisable not to keep your stomach empty or else you might not give your full concentration in class. The Great Instant Pancit Canton Chef can prepare your meal. Anybody can cook instant pansit canton but instant pancit canton in campus is different. Those who cook this in campus have mastered the craft. The noodles are firm. They know how to cook five packs of pansit canton in one boiling pot and divide it evenly among five students. Food stands sell it for P15. Add ten pesos, you can have egg on top of it. Others also place siomai on top. Eating pancit canton is better served during a conversation with a friend. It lengthens conversations during an ordinary afternoon.