How to Write a Love Letter for Her

Because mobile phones and internet are convenient and affordable, it is rare to find men who write love letters. You can ask a girl out through Twitter. You can send hugs and kisses through emotions. These media make love communication fast and easy but none of these can replace a real love letter. You can see how a man struggles to write with his penmanship. You can smell the pen’s ink as if it were his breath. You will know how conscientious he is with the 200 chosen words. A letter is still the best medium of expressing one’s feelings.

The disadvantage of technology is that it discourages men to write. Some guys do not know how to impress a girl through writing. The need arises for a man to review the basics of love letter writing. Below are some reminders on how to write a love letter for her.

Know the spelling of her name
This is obvious but this can be overlooked. It is easy to know her complete name. But if you have no clue, do not attempt to guess her family name. It’s safer to address her nickname than to misspell her complete name. If you are going to address her in her nickname, make sure it’s her nickname. Do not make up names. If her name is Jennilyn, do not assume her nickname is Jenny. It might be Lyn or it might be Jenny. If you are not sure, ask friends or consult Google.

Check the tense of the verb
You should check the tense of the verbs you use even if the girl is not a Grammar Nazi. Why? You should because the tense of the verb can change the meaning of your thoughts. You can be misunderstood by a simple suffix “–ed”. Also, know which tense of the verb is appropriate and effective. There’s a difference between “I love you” and “I have loved you.” There’s also a difference between “I have loved you (period)” and “I have loved you since.” A small difference in the tense of the verb can make many interpretations.

The use of clichés/ quotations
If you want to sound romantic, please do not use clichés. Quotations are fine as long as they are outstanding. Metaphors are also good language devices. They add flavor to your content but if you don’t know how to pick the right metaphors, it fails. For instance, don’t compare love to a plant, to a rosary, and alike. Don’t compare life to a doughnut, to a road or to a book. Do not include phrases that sound like “Love is blind.” There is nothing wrong to borrow catchy lines, famous mottos but it’s based on how you write and justify it on your letter. It’s like cracking a joke. If you don’t know to deliver a punch line, your joke turns out corny.

You don’t need to write on a fancy stationery
Girls can appreciate effort. The fact that you thought of writing her is highly appreciated. Much more, if you prepare the materials used for you letter (pen, paper, envelope.) Some guys they think if they use fancy stationery, they accumulate plus points. The truth is a girl can appreciate a love letter written in a yellow paper. In fact, a plain paper without flowers and cartoon characters is preferable. Some stationery looks cheap. If you don’t have the eyes of a girl, you will not be able to identify which looks cheap.  If you want to enhance the appearance of your letter, personalize it. Maybe, you can sketch. Make a card. Be creative that is if you want to do an extra mile.

Do not exaggerate
Avoid lines like: “I can wait for you forever. You are the prettiest girl in the whole world.” Avoid writing sentences like these because they sound insincere. Think first before you write. Do you really mean it? What if she wants you to wait for her till she finishes her PhD, will you wait for her?  If you honestly think that Angel Locsin is prettier than her, then don’t write she is the prettiest. If your intention is to flatter her, there are other ways to do so. It’s all about play of words.

End your letter with a disclaimer
Leave a short disclaimer that you are not expecting anything from her. Be humble. Be courteous in your letter. In return, the girl will be nice to you.

Use the language you are most comfortable with
Use the language you are good at expressing. It may be English, Taglish, Filipino or Bisaya. It also means using your own voice in the letter.  Do not put yourself under pressure of writing a Shakespearean letter. Again, the issue is authenticity. After you write and read your letter, ask these questions: Am I able to tell her everything I want to say in the letter?  Does this letter sound like me?

If it’s short, make sure it’s sweet or meaningful
If you know you don’t write well, it’s better to take the risk of writing a long letter. A long letter filled with repetitions, and typo errors is better than a meaningless short letter.

Don’t talk about your past love
Do I have to tell you why? It’s like writing a love letter for two girls. If you have issues with your past love, discuss it somewhere else but not in a letter.