High School Life: The Road of Rights and Wrongs

High school life can be described as the beginning of our journey to a world full of expectations. This is the period where we decide on significant things in our life that will create a path to our future. Some say that on this period, you will experience new things. You will be driven to try unfamiliar activities to satisfy your curiosity, being adventurous without caring to know what results and consequences you have to face. You will meet lots of people and make new friends on the road and even fall in love.

High school stage, for others, is just a period where they can enjoy their lives, satisfying their wants and needs and having friends or “barkada” who will accept them. A number of events happen during this time, meeting your “bestfriend” or “partner in crime” and finding your “first love” are some. But sometimes, those who are nearest and dearest to them, those whom they trust their happiness with, may become traitors to their faith. Because at this point of time, everyone wants to be good in the eyes of the majority, even it prompts to ruin a friendship.

High school students are prone to be attracted to different vices such as computer addiction, some of the students skip their classes just to go to computer cafes to waste the money being earned by their hard-working parents. Alcohol and smoking are also two of the major vices that should be observed by high school students. Although these two substances give them extra ordinary feeling, it can be so dangerous to their health and of course, to those who are close to them. Research shows that one of the major causes of violence and crimes is due to alcohol intoxication not only to adults but teenagers as well. Another research showed increasing number of teenage pregnancy. It is believed that their curiosity and unguided relationship brought them in such situation wherein they are facing early parenting although they are not mature enough to face such an event.

There are parties and lots of activities in the school, why do the high school students enter a world full of crap just to be someone? Others are committed to their studies, another way to compensate for other’s respect, attention and to be able to socialize with their peers. Not only studies but also through sports, it can enhance their confidence without sacrificing their health. High school life is full of life-changing events. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a bookworm, but you must consider a lot of things before doing something. Your decisions can cause permanent marks in your life which cannot be fixed. Faulty parenting is viewed as precipitating factor that leads high school students to poor decision making and how to face various hindrances in their development.

Children undergoing this kind of development should be guided by their guardians. Guardians should not act as commander who orders around and must be obeyed. Instead, they should be like a friend who’s always there to listen to their experiences and what’s inside their mind. Children should trust them to a free flowing communication. Also, professors, whom students consider as their second parents, should be aware that even those children have a mind of their own they are still kid who is vulnerable to commit mistakes and should be guided and corrected to become a better person in the future. High school life, a road where most of our dreams are made, has lots of up and downs but keeping on the right track makes us a mature and well-respected individual.