Romance: Through God’s perspective

I think we should call this relationship off.

I think it won’t workout anymore, we’ll just end up hurting each other. I’m sorry.”

These words sound familiar, right? How many times did your relationship end up like that? How many times did you cry yourself to sleep? And how many times did you try to analyze what caused the break-up? When it comes to our love life, those are some of the questions we always try to figure out.

Truth is, we all longed to be loved, we all longed to be valued and to have someone to call our own. It’s our human nature; God created us and designed us that way. Question: If God really do exist, why does He keep His silence when your whole world is falling apart? Where is He when you needed Him the most? Looking back, tell me, how did you handle your past relationship? Did you have God as the center of your relationship? No? Then, why blame Him? Sometimes our emotions deceive us that we forgot the foremost fact that God is the greatest author of true love; He is the author of romance. Remember Adam and Eve? Thing is, we put so much effort on pleasing our partner than we put efforts on pleasing God. So how can you ask for the best from Him, when you did not even put your trust in Him? Makes sense, right?

We people sometimes do things our way, we tend to try to find the ‘right one’ by ourselves, but remember that your ways are not His ways of doing and searching for the ‘right person’ for you. God’s perspective on romance is beyond you can imagine! It’s a pure, not self-seeking kind of love. Who wouldn’t want that huh? But, in order to gain this kind of love, we must trust God completely that you withdraw yourself into the thought that you’re the one who’s going to do all the work in order to meet your mate. Scared now, are you? Yes. It’s normal to feel the fear and anxiety. But remember our God is a great God! He never lied and never will He.

So if you really want to see what God lies ahead for you, stop doing all the work and let Him handle your life. Letting go is really hard, but once you put your 100% trust in Him, I’m telling you, it’s going to be worth it. There are no rules, how-tos or a complete guide for you to achieve His kind of love, rather it’s an invitation for you to take a journey with the One who knows you, more than you know yourself. Where you will see the difference between the silly, first-sight, skin-deep puppy love you see in the movie from a journey where you will encounter a strong compassion, tough love, knock-down-drag-out commitment; the kind of love that sees and serves the value in another soul, a love that transforms people and transforms you as well.

In order for you to achieve the romance that God prepared just for you, then you need to decide. Are you still going to hold on to something perishable? Are you still going to hold the pen of your life? Or are you going to surrender to Him and give Him a chance to hold on to your pen of life and write you a love story beyond comparison? As for God, remember His way is perfect (Psalm 18:30). You will lose nothing when you trust Him; rather you will gain more than you expected for He is bigger, His ways are beyond your understanding. For God’s perspective in romance, is the kind of romance that we all searching for.