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Hey! Are you feeling down right now? Do problems bother your head again? Are you tired of living life anymore? Well, try some inspirational tagalog quotes.  Let me tell you, it’ll make up your day!

Every individual needs something to motivate them to move on. Sometimes, yes, the feeling of being down to earth, (i’m not referring about being humble but the literal one) where all you want to do is to eat the mud and die and live again like plants where worries and problems are not being experienced, occurs once in a while. Depression and losing are inevitable in our life’s journey and they depletes the spirit of courage and power.

Well, reading some inspirational tagalog quotes will maybe recharge again the greatness in you as you realize that there are always chances in every battle. So, here, let me give some energizers!

Ang negatibong tao ay nakakakita ng problema sa bawat pagkakataon. Ang positibong tao ay nakikita ang pagkakataon sa bawat problema.”

HOORRRAAAYY!!! This is unquestionably true. In a war field, being an optimist or a pessimist is a great determining factor of who will be the winner. Hence, those who are always thinking positively, guess what? they always bring the bacon home! Here’s another inspirational tagalog quote that may strengthen my point, “May mga panahong ang pagkakataon ay nagkukubli sa pansamantalang kabiguan.” Blessings in disguise indeed, just always be in a state of positivity, see things as opportunity and defeats as gifts, through that, i doubt that you’ll ever experience the feeling of losing.

”Ang mga taong agad sumusuko ay hindi nananalo. Ang mga taong laging panalo ay hindi kailan man sumusuko.”

One sad truth is that when people experience failure, some of them give up and never continue. Well, that’s the origin of being a “loser”. Being a loser isn’t just about losing, it’s about giving up. Michael Jordan, George Washington, KFC and even Charice Pempengco are those who lost several times, well, yeah, look at them now, people of history and media. How did it happen? They didn’t give up, they never did. So, why would you? Similar to this is another inspirational tagalog quote that will give you the ingredient of how to be victorious, “Ang tunay na sikreto sa tagumpay ay pagsisikap at patuloy na pagbangon sa bawat pagkakamali.” Alright, so now, let’s remove the words “ I GIVE UP” in our dictionary and live with a winning attitude.

”Wag mo hayaang sumasabay ka lang sa agos ng dagat, minsan, dapat ikaw mismo ang kokontrol ng direksyon nito.”

Don’t just go with the flow, sometimes, you have to go against it! In life, crisis, recession and even sickness is the flow of water. Well, in that case, you can’t go with it, you must go against it. Fight these waters that drown every individual, don’t be one of them. People may talk bad about you, or confess that you cannot reach your dreams, but naah, prove them wrong buddy! You know yourself more than they know you. Live life not conforming with everything, instead stand out, be proud and shine! 

“Kung lahat ng makakaya mo ay iyong ibinibigay, tagumpay mo’y walang kapantay”

Nothing can defeat a person who gives his/her best in everything he/she does. In simple tasks, he/she does not procrastinate instead gives his/her whole heart in it. Just as the saying goes, “if you are trusted in small things, you will be entrusted with bigger ones”. So, as an individual, applying this inspirational tagalog quote will surely bring difference in our daily lives as a student or even as a worker. Well, some of our leisure time will be consumed but the satisfaction it will return will be beyond what we are asking for. So, even with just doing an assignment or serving a coffee, one must be keen and careful to bring out our best into it. Who knows, they are just some preparation for your great destiny!

“Hindi mahalaga kung gaano ka katagal nabuhay, ang mahalaga ay kung paano ka nabuhay.”

A lot of people lived and died as if they never existed. Question, do you wanna be one them? Well, I doubt. All of us want to be remembered when we die, even if you don’t agree with me, I know, deep inside your subconscious mind you do. It’s our nature buddy to want recognition.  Well, just always keep in mind that in life, what we’ve done when we still have the chance matters most. Some people only realize that when they are old and wrinkled already, when they no longer have the capacity to make a difference anymore. Come on! You know you can do something. Well, we all can. We just have to stretch our limbs and be willing to do so.

Well, the fact there are traps in life is already given, what is not yet there is the way on how we’ll react to it. It’s not wrong to fall down because of troubles and issues that attacked us, what is wrong is when we refuse to stand up and box ourselves because of this one time event. Always be motivated and always read some inspirational tagalog quotes to empower you.

If you are not the person I am referring above, and you know somebody else who needs this the most, don’t hesitate to share this, share some inspirational tagalog quotes to them. Once you applied this in your own life and discovered something more, remember to compose your own and to spread it. You’ll never know how many people you are going to inspire. Cheers!

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