Tagalog pick up lines for Girls

You are in this party, you have been alone and kind of lonely for awhile and you were hoping you would get to meet someone there, at least for a new friend, or perhaps more.

You saw this girl sipping on her red plastic cup; she looked bored and doesn’t seem to be waiting for anyone. Yes, you find her attractive, there is no denying that, but is she too attractive to talk to someone like you? You close your eyes, gathered the courage, breathed deeply and turned to your friend and said: “I’m going for it… See you on the other side…” Suddenly the room started to close in on you, the crowd fell silent and you feel as though everyone’s watching you… You are now in front of her, what do you say?

Centrum ka ba? Kasi, you make my life complete!

Nakakapagod naman umupo, miss, pwede bang tayo na lang?

Inii-small ka ba nila? Don’t worry babe, inii-BIG naman kita…

Alam mo naisip ko lang, ang pinakamasarap na feeling sa mundo?…ay makafeeling ka..

Mukha kang magaling sa Algebra, can you substitute my X?

Hindi ka ba nalulungkot miss, nag-iisa ka lang sa heart ko eh.

I realized lang, hindi lahat ng humihinga ay buhay, tingnan mo ko humihinga pero patay na patay sayo.

No offense ha,  driver ka ba? Ikaw na agad nagpapatakbo ng buhay ko eh.

Kung umasta ka feeling mo amo kita! Bakit mo inaalila puso ko?

Ang yabang mo, siguro iniisip mo bobo ako…masasabi mo bang bobo ako kung ikaw lang naman laman ng isip ko?

Hi, I’m Antok, dadalawin kita gabi gabi ha.

Hi, gusto lang kita galitin, pero sana naman patulan mo ko.

You thought of all these tagalog pick up lines, you can’t lay a finger on which one you’ll use, panic starts to creep in and you started sweating like hell. You better choose one quick! You have been standing in front of her for 5 minutes now. And you are starting to look like a creep. Uh-oh!

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