Tagalog Broken Hearted Quotes

Alone, depressed and broken, then all of the sudden the emotion was stirred up by the tagalog hugot lines and quotes for broken hearted that appeared on your wall.

“Sabi mo gusto mo ‘ko, sabi mo konting panahon na lang magkakasama na tayo, sabi mo iiwan mo na siya, sabi mo hintayin kita, sabi mo mas mahal mo ako, ngayon asan ka na? Bakit kapiling ka pa rin nya?”

This tagalog broken hearted quote with hugot reminded you about the past memories you had together, you tried not to relate yourself, but every single line made you reminisce the love you shared with each other. Inevitably, your head shook in regret ; sorrow filled the atmosphere and  right then and there, your tears began to flow.

Indeed, tagalog broken hearted quotes add insults to injury, yet they clear up the things you were once blinded about and give you the sense of comfort as they sympathize with you.

Being broken hearted, a.k.a “BH”, is the state of an emotional disappointment brought about by the failure to meet the cravings of one’s heart. These cravings can be of family, academics and love. The latter is the most common reason why people are experiencing such. Certainly, this feeling is natural, for as all we know, to love is normal.

Some Filipinos, in the face of being broken hearted, are into wild things such as drinking, fighting and worst, committing suicide. Some are diverting the pain through having fun with friends, singing some songs about his or her situation and composing or reading some tagalog broken heart quotes.

Let me give you some more example of tagalog broken hearted quotes with hugot that will surely either intensify your emotion or ease it by knowing that such situation is being shared by many.

“Kadalasan nakakatakot magmahal kasi masakit umasa; pero hindi ba mas masakit yung alam mo na ngang wala kang pagasa, pero siya pa mismo ang nagpaparamdam na sa kanya ika’y mahalaga”

Experiencing confusion towards somebody who seems to like “you” yet in reality, they don’t, is tragic. Thoughts like “Is he/she just flirting with me? or just his/her personality or… does he/she love me? Someone being sweet and nice to you is somewhat deceiving, especially when you feel something different about him/her. Even though he/she knows that you have something for him/her, still he/she entertains you. Then you’ll fall for his/her acts of kindness and keep it and bear the pain forever, for you know that you are not for each other.

“Kahit ilang beses pa akong masaktan dahil sayo, di ako susuko. Kahit magkaroon pa ng isangdaang dahilan upang ika’y iwan, hahanap parin ako ng isang dahilan para pagmamahal ko sayo’y ipaglaban.”

“Martyrs”, as they call it, are those who are willing to give everything they have because of love. They are selfless to the extent that all the love in their system has been offered to the person they love. In the end, they thought that they’re saving their relationship, then unnoticed, they just destroyed it. Likewise, these  tagalog broken heart quotes share the same idea. “Pumayag akong mawala ka, hinayaan kong ako’y masaktan, ayos lang na ako’y lumuha. Kahit na ako’y napipilitan lamang, aking ibibigay lahat para sa iyong kagustuhan at kaligayahan.”Too much love will indeed kill you! Hence, don’t forget to save something for yourself.

“Masakit kapag ang taong mahal mo, ay masaya sa piling ng iba pero kailangan mong ipakita na masaya ka, kahit na sa loob mo ‘sana, ako na lang siya’.

This is similar to the song “Alumni Homecoming” of Parokya ni Edgar that tells about the love that was kept until all the chances of expressing it were gone. It ended up with disappointment knowing that he could be the person the girl is with if only he took the courage. A lot of person nowadays are in the same boat as this person, afraid to take the step, ended up losing the person they love the most and live up in the proposition that they could have been the person beside their love one.

“Oo, nagseselos ako, kahit na sabihin mong magkaibigan lang kayo at ako ang mahal mo. Natatakot ako na isang araw iwan mo ako, dahil noong una “magkaibigan” lang din naman tayo.”

In terms of friendship, the start of everything, the stepping stone of every mountain, the starting line of every race, everything is possible. That is why such suspicions are inevitable in a relationship. However, this still depends on how loyal you are with each other, as these another tagalog broken hearted quotes imply:“Lumapit ako sayo sa pagiisip na iyong mapapansin, di ko inakala na sa aking paglapit ako’y lalong luluha, dahil pinaramdam mo sa akin na siya lang ang kaya mong mahalin, at tayo’y hamak lamang na mag-tropa.” See? Not every friendship turns into lovers, however, some still do.

“Tama na yung minsan mo kong paasahin, minsang saktan at minsang paluhain. Minsan mo lang naman din akong minahal; hindi tulad ko, minahal kita ng walang katapusan”

This is the cry of those who have given everything, yet, received nothing in return. Life is indeed unfair, but love is more drastic. Those who give more are always left in tears while the other tend to be callous of giving back. In a relationship, being mutual and conjugal are very essential ingredients. Without these, well, think again.

“Let’s break up! This is not working!”, “I like you, but I love him”, “You are okay, but not of my type.” Are you tired of hearing these words every time you are in love with somebody or committed in a relationship?  Sick of being broken hearted as if true love has always ignored you since the day of your creation? Do you need a friend who will relate with you in times like this? Well, the confidence is not in person, for they will fail you, but instead, it’s in the tagalog broken hearted quotes.

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