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Are you feeling lonely? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders again? Do you feel like everything you do is wrong and nothing seems right? You talked to your friend, yet he didn’t believe you. Well, your desperation is about to end as positive quotes help you cope up with your anxieties by showing that such problems aren’t yours alone, they are others too.

Emotions vary from time to time. Today you’re happy, later you’re not. Right now, the one you love the most or the gadget you yearn for so strongly is not yours, yet, because maybe, later, time will come, it’ll be in your hands. Likewise, if you’re feeling so depressed, rejected and alone right now, that will not last long for sure, no matter how big your traps are. Just sit back, enjoy what you feel, learn from it and read some positive quotes.

However, if you are not the person I described earlier and you know somebody who is under that situation, well, share the word, share these positive quotes.

“Huwag mong bitawan ang bagay na hindi mo kayang makitang hawak ng iba.”

Majority take this line as for love life only, however, reading the context deeper, you’ll see that this can be applied in most situation you are in. For an instance, you used to be the top student or the “crush ng bayan” yet, one time, you got tired and eventually stopped. Surprisingly, when somebody took your throne, you became irritated and everything, for short became “jealous and insecured”. Hence, if you have something, take care of it, if you want to give it away, think twice. This is the same in terms of friendship, possession, roles and more.

“Nalaman kong habang lumalaki ka, maraming beses kang madadapa. Bumangon ka man ulit o hindi, magpapatuloy ang buhay, iikot ang mundo, at mauubos ang oras.”

Wake up! Are you still breathing? Don’t just sit down there and do nothing, continue life, it’s a race, come on! Run my friend, you can still cope up. Don’t let everyone leave you alone, don’t live life like a loser!

Yes, indeed, a lot of people nowadays stopped growing when they once failed. They didn’t continue life and lived like mere zombies but eventually realized the right one, but time is already scarce for them; too late.  As for us, the king and queen of our life, let’s live it to the fullest.

“Mas magandang mapalungkot mo ang isang tao dahil sa sinabi mo sa kanya ang totoo, kesa mapaiyak siya kasi nalaman pa niya ito sa ibang tao”.

Well, the fact is, secrets, as they call it, will be revealed in its due time, whether you like it or not. So, don’t try to hide your failing grades to your parents, or  the person you’ve been making out with for a month to your girl/boyfriend, or your real gender orientation, straight or just pretending to be? Prolonging the secrecy isn’t giving you the sense of security anyway, it extends the guilt and condemnation, as these positive quotes imply. Just tell it, bear the consequences, and… POOF! it’s done!


“Masakit maging kaibigan ang taong mahal mo. di mo alam kung saan ka dapat lumugar. Bawal mainis at lalong bawal umasa. Bakit? Ano ba karapatan mo? Kaibigan ka lang di ba?”

Well said. Exactly, straight to the point. It is a sad truth that some people irresistibly fall in love with their friends, where friends should be just friends and not lovers. However, look at this angle, what if with that love you’re keeping, he’s feeling the same, waiting for the right time?  “They say that “action speaks louder than words”, kaya lang puro ka lang paramdam. Malay ko ba kung may pagtingin ka sa akin. Ayoko namang umasa. Tanong ko lang, mahirap bang sabihing “mahal kita?”

Taking chances my dear, is without question an emotion stirrer. It will either break or make what you are trying to attain. So what now? The action lies in your hands.

“Sana ang pag-ibig parang sukli sa jeep. Kahit ipasa pasa ka pa sa maraming tao, kukunin at kukunin ka pa rin ng tunay na nagmamayari sayo”.

This is for those who believe in “destiny”, yet failed to find it. That’s why they tried to look for it in their own terms, came to nothing, so returned in waiting and dreaming that “destiny” exists. One equivalent positive tagalog quotes in terms for friendship is, “Marami na akong nakilala, sabi nila ‘walang iwanan’. Pero dumating yung panahon na may umalis at may naiwan, kaya naisip ko, ikaw kaya, hanggang kailan?”

Well, let me end this article about positive quotes with another quotation, “From a college professor: ‘Lahat kayo papasa, di nga lang sabay sabay”. Humorous for some second, and the next, it will make you think and reflect. Well, in school and in life, this quotation is applicable. It is given that all of us will pass, undoubtedly, however, the answer of “when will it happen” depends on our willingness to desire for it and to put it into action.

Furthermore, we should not reside in our negative emotions and circumstances. Find something that will change your mood, it’s worth the risk. Where anyway, you really should do it. Most especially, never forget that whenever you’re in a state of loneliness, positive tagalog quotes are just some clicks away.

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