Pinoy Pick up Lines

You know guys, I have never been a playboy, I can definitely say that it’s hard for me to approach a girl especially out of nowhere; I do not have the boyish charms of Brad Pitt or the body of a male model (but I am skinny like Kate Moss), I’m just an average Joe. And it is kind of, shall we say frustrating? Irritating? Emasculating…Well, whatever it is, it’s really not fun being on the suave guy’s shadow all the time and there you are, doing your own thing in the background and asking God: “Who am I? Why am I alone?”

You probably don’t do that but it would be fascinating if you do. So, have you ever tried doing something about it? You know… anything that would make you stand out and be remembered by that broody chick with the dark eyeliner?  Solution: Pinoy  pick up lines for guys to be used for girls.

Pwede ka mahulog sa building, pwede ka mahulog sa puno…
Pero ang pinakamaganda ay..kung sa akin ka na lang mahuhulog…

May band-aid ka miss? Nahulog kasi ako eh…
Nahulog ako sayo.

Miss Miss! Mali ka ng pinuntahan!
Doon ang Ms. Universe Contest Hindi dito…

Interior designer ka ba?
Gumanda kasi yung kwarto pag dating mo eh.

Parang bali na lapis ang buhay ko pag wala ka…pointless…

Ano pangalan mo? Magpapasko na kasi para alam ko ano hihilingin ko sa pasko.

Aray miss! (bakit?) nakakapaso ka you’re so hot!

Miss kausap mo ba ko? (hindi bakit?), ok pwede mo ng simulan, Go.

Alam mo? Tingin ko sweet ka na tao…patikim nga!

Kung walang pinapatunguhan buhay mo, ituturo ko na lang ang daan patungong puso ko…

Sabi ni Peter Pan “You will fly when thinking of happy thoughts”, Eh bat nahuhulog ako pag iniisip kita?

Pag laki ko…gusto ko maging….SAYO.

It may not be the solution you expected to hear, but like I said, I’m no Casanova. But do you know what I have? A little bit of sense of humor. So who cares if you are not the knight in shining armor a girl expects to encounter, when all a girl wants is a man who can make her smile each day.

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