Love Quotes for her

Do you want to say something special to the one you love the most? Something that will sound really passionate and be worth treasuring forever? Expressions that are beyond the words “I Love You” without sounding absurd? Or, do you want to just play around and hook as many people as you can?  Well, the magic is all in the tongue, yes, it’s all in the sweet tagalog love quotes.

Contrary to the todays trending “pick-up line” a.k.a “banat”, sweet tagalog love quotes express their wonders through some more intense and sugarcoated compositions that will deconstruct the common saying, “No words can express how much I love you”. Such is being supported and used by those who wanted to convey one’s emotion in a very direct and serious heartwarming way.

Now, from a Filipino’s general view, life would be incomplete without these so-called “ sweet tagalog love quotes ” roaring on the streets, ringing around the places and revolving in the atmosphere. Every now and then, there come cliches of sweet words from people which give the aroma of how “the love is in the air” feels like.  This also becomes a unique style for them for so many years to beget the heart of their “iniirog o sinisinta”, through the use of different sweet flowery words. For this reason, it becomes now a tradition of many Filipinos, particularly the masculine generations of this modern era or to say, the boys. Likewise, it becomes a form of fun, to make people laugh (if they find it “corny”) or to some purpose, be loved by these simple but sweet tagalog love quotes.

Long before this modern generation, sweet love quotes are already being circulated by individuals to convey their feelings for each other. In fact, this can be considered “legendary” since it has been used ages ago, back from Jose Rizal and even from Plato. Hence, its effectivity is determined, success is historically time-tested.

Here are some sweet tagalog love quotes that will surely construct an atmosphere of sweetness and affectionately move the person who’ll hear this.

“Naniniwala ako na tadhana ang dahilan kung bakit magkasama tayo, ngunit kung ididikta nito ang ating paghihiwalay, mabubuhay ako ng walang pinaniniwalaan, wag ka lang sakin mawalay”

Yes, truly, love conquers all, even the things unseen and beyond our control. This can be seen in a positive side that you are ready and eager to take anything just to have him or her remain by your side; however, this obsession may further lead to something horrible, as most seen in the movies. Still, we can’t abstain from the fact that this quote will make one giggle so much, knowing that you will fight anything just to preserve your love for him or her.

“Masakit magmahal, nangako ako na hindi na ito mauulit kahit kailan, pero, noong ika’y nakita’t nakilala, paninindigan ko’y nawala, at nasabing handa na akong muling masaktan”

It’s very incomprehensible how love works. As stated in this sweet tagalog love quotes , No matter how tragic the past is, once the calling of love returns, it’s simply irresistible. Even if vow, honor and conviction would join up together against love, nah, love will always win, it will always have its way to be on the top of everything.

“Gabundok man ang pagitan natin sa isa’t isa, handa akong lumipad patungo sayo, mapatunayan ko lang na ikaw ang mahal ko at hindi na ito magbabago”

True love perceives no matter how long the distance is and how strong the temptations are, though many find it hard to sustain such relationship, still those who succeed in doing so will be saluted by many. Being away from the one you love means also being open to a lot more doors of temptations to get yourself away from being faithful and loyal to your partner; and being victorious against those is a strong sign that the two of you are meant together, forever.

“Alam mo? Dalawang beses lang naman kita gustong makasama, ngayon at magpakailan pa man”

Nice, this quote has the style of disappointing you in the first place then eventually gives you the sense of joy and satisfaction. Imagine somebody telling you that he or she wanted to be with you in just two moments? That’s disheartening, however, hearing further, knowing its forever, men! will be flattering to death. This also indirectly implies the sense of marriage, being together forever.

“Mahal kita, hindi dahil ikaw ay perpekto. Mahal kita dahil tanggap ko lahat sa’yo, pati mga kasalanan at pagkakamali mo”

, nothing is sweeter than being told by the one you love that he or she loves you despite everything. This is somewhat rare, for today’s generation, love is limited to everything that is positive, so really, knowing that you are accepted is something.

“Pangarap kong malanghap ang aroma mo tuwing pag-gising ko sa umaga, mahawakan ang kamay mo at  mayakap ka sa twina,” the guy said sweetly to his girl.

“Maaaring hindi ikaw ang unang minahal ko, pero mapapanigurado ko na ikaw na ang huling hahawak ng puso ko,” the girl replied as she touched the face of her guy.

“Alam mo, pag masaya ka, masaya rin ako, pag malungkot ka, malungkot rin ako, pag badtip ka, badtrip din ako, pero… kapag lumuha ka, hanep, di ko kaya, magpapakamatay ako,” he stated as he looked at her eye to eye.

“Wag, ang saglit na pagkawalay mo sa piling ko’y tila ikakakabaliw ko na, paano pa kaya kapag tuluyang mawala ka’t hindi na muling makikita?” she pleaded as her eyes began to tear.

Indeed, this is a special ingredient in making your life exciting! That’s why if you really love somebody, give him or her some sweet tagalog love quotes that really come from your heart, for he or she deserves it! If you really mean to say something sincere, sweet tagalog love quotes will always be at their best when composed by someone who’ll offer it wholeheartedly to the one who makes his or her heart beat.

Sweet tagalog love quotes are always in the air. They roam around the mall, the parking areas, the restaurants, everywhere, but they only reside in the hearts of those who truly love. We can find them inside an old wrinkled couple sharing a mug of coffee or even in a three year old boy picking a flower for her girl.

Including this in your everyday love life will make your relationship flow smoothly and leap to the next level. Just try to imagine this sweet situation happening to you while in a date with your “sweetie pie”.