Tagalog Friendship Quotes

Tagalog friendship quotes, by sending them, are a nice way to establish a friendly commitment with someone. Not only that, it can also re-establish an old friendship or secure them. Simple, yet full of meaning, that is why and what I love about tagalog love quotes and Tagalog friendship quotes.

I remember having this really heavy argument with my best friend ones. It was really a downer, it got to the point that we were ready to exchange blows with each other, and worse than that, forget that we ever had that friendship at all. That was the most devastating blow of all. We tried to keep our cool, and decided to let the time heal away our wounds. It was a long and uncomfortable wait, there were actually a couple of years that I was not even thinking about the person anymore, in other words, we both moved on.

One very normal day I was in a party with my officemates, my cell phone beeped and I checked, I did not know the owner of the number who sent me some Tagalog quotes about friendship, so naturally I asked. I was surprised, but very nervous when I found out who it was, it was my old buddy, sending me Tagalog friendship quotes, my friend never even deleted my number! So there I was, acting all ‘pakipot’ and asked how did she remember me, It turns out, she was there in the same party! Just watching me and missing me all this time! That urged her to leave the past behind and start up again, by sending some very simple Tagalog friendship quotes.

Imagine what Tagalog friendship quotes can do? It brought me back one of the most important person in my life. And now when everything is going along really well, I make it a point to make my friend feel how much I treasure our relationship by texting her some Tagalog friendship quotes every week.

So do the same thing with your BFFs, keep reminding them that you love them by sending very simple Tagalog friendship quotes, you can choose one of the quotes I gathered all over my friends and the internet, I compiled them especially for you my friends.

Bilang friend mo…
i hav 2 tkecare of u.
i shud mke sure no1 wil harm u,
coz i cnt always b dr 4u.
so friend,khit astig ka na konting ingat prin ha!!

ung iba sinasabi frends 4ever daw….pero hindi naman umaabot ng 4ever,kaya ako ito lang!”frends hanggang bukas”..ok na un!eh d naman nauubos ang bukas dba…:)

Mgkalayo mn tayo
stil il b a friend mgalit ka mn skin
d2 prin ako klimutan mo mn ako
ul stay sa puso ko
at mgbago mn takbo ng mundo
ikaw prin ang kaibgan ko!

ako ung friend na lagi nasa likod mo kahit anung mangyari nandyan parin ako sa likod mo….

sabi nila kapag mahal mo ang kaibigan mo friends lang daw kyo panu kung sa kanya umikot ang mundo mo kaibigan parin pa ang turing mo sa kanya

pAno kNg hWAk mO aNg kMAy ng bStfRENd mO
aT kMAy nG mhAl mO, tApoS nPuwIng aNg mTA mO,
cNoNg bbtWAn mo? kMAy ng bStfRiEnd mo o kMAy nG mHAl mo?

kUnG aNG iSAnG kAibiGAn aY mAy tAgpRiCE,
ikAw cGuRo pnAkmAhal pRo mAg-iiPoN aKo
pRA mBili kTa,

Mgkalayo mn tayo
stil il b a friend mgalit ka mn skin
d2 prin ako klimutan mo mn ako
ul stay sa puso ko
at mgbago mn takbo ng mundo
ikaw prin ang kaibgan ko!

Cmple lng akng frnd
kng sa prutas saging lng ako
d 2lad ng ibang frndz mo n apple,orange & grapes
pro tndaan mo s lhat ng prutas SAGING lng ang my puso!

Wish be4 you read.!
What’s “KAIBIGAN”?
K-asama mo
B-ad times
G-ood times
A-sahan mo na
N-andi2 ako for life.!

pass this to all your kaibigan
syempre, pwde mo rin iblik skin yan pg
kaibigan mo ako, then pg msy bumalik na
8 mttupad ang wish mo.

ung iba sinasabi frends 4ever daw….pero hindi naman umaabot ng 4ever,kaya ako ito lang!”frends hanggang bukas”..ok na un!eh d naman nauubos ang bukas dba…:)

Diba sabi nila Friendship is the greatest treasure in your life kaya’t haggang ngayon mahal ko ang aking bestfriend, for better and for worst!!!!!

barkada jan ako na22ng 2mambay,umuwi ng late,ma inlove,mkipg away,at mki sama,
taz sasavhn nla “barkada”msmng inpluwensya
iba’t-iba mn kmi ng katangian, napahamak man ako mnsan
lht yan dko pinagsshan ,dahil sa salitang yan,jan ako naging masaya at
na22ng “LUMABAN”

ever ask yourself why friends say “nasa likod mo lang ako.” When you have problems? Bkit sa likod lang? Dba pwede sa harap, kc friends push you to go on when you give up.

bakit ang tao pag tinext mo, dka rereplyan? Pg d mo nmn tnext bglang mgttxt. Pag gusto mo xa tlgang itext, may katext namang iba. Bkit gnun ka? Este ang tao pla!

salamat sa kwentuhan, joke, trip, asaran, gala, drama, tambay. Salamat sana wlang limutan! Okei? Sna walang mgbago, mgkahiwalay man, brkada prin tyo! Habambuhay kaibigan ko!

pra sa gmik, puyatan, assignments, departmentals. Grade na uno, dos, tres man o singko. Whatever happens, guys, pasukan n nmn, yari n nmn tayo!

hanggang kelan tayo magkaibigan? Sna wlang limutan, bsta lgi mo tndaan. Bwal ang beans, bwal ang pork, bwal ang hipon. Bka kc mgkamemory gap kaÂ’t mklimutan mo p ko!

dko alam pno mbuhay ng wlang ngaasar khit badtrip. Walang maingay pag tulog nko, wlang 2mtawa pg umiiyak ako. Dko alam mbuhay ng wala kau n khit mgugulo masaya ko!

There you go! See? Tagalog friendship quotes have many variations, some are in joke form, some are very serious yet heartwarming. It is not really that hard to choose and pick something for your good friend. If he or she is the type of person who really likes to laugh then send them one of the humorous ones, it is not about being serious, it is about reminding them your affection. And if you have a friend who is in a rather gloomy mood or situation, strengthen his or her hope with a serious declaration of your trust and friendship. A simple gesture can come a long way, especially in our life where people come and go, acquaintances easily forget, and care is not that seen anymore, be that kind of change that we need. Carry the torch for many people, bearing the pledge that a person should never be friendless, for the best, be a friend to someone.

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